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Crafting visual stories that transcend boundaries. 

Show Reel
FPV Reel

OUR Process


The initial stage where ideas are formulated, and the vision for the project is defined.


Development and management of a strategic plan to promote the project through various channels.


Creating targeted advertisements and promotional materials to effectively communicate the message or sell a product/service.


Crafting immersive videos that transcend the conventional, allowing your audience to delve into the heart of the experience.

FPV Drone

Utilizing first-person view drone technology to capture unique and dynamic aerial footage.


Assembling and refining the captured content to ensure a coherent and impactful narrative.


Incorporating visual effects to enhance or create imagery that cannot be achieved through regular filming.

Sound Design

Crafting the auditory components to complement the visuals, creating a harmonious and immersive sensory experience.


Visually enhancing the mood and style of a video by shaping the atmosphere and emotion through the power of colour grading.

Based in Niagara, ON - Working with clients globally

We take pride in our ability to collaborate seamlessly with a wide spectrum of clients spanning across various industries.

Our Team

Cole Zimmerman
Partner / Director
Justin Kuhn
Partner / Business Development
Lucas DiMonte
Director / Head of FPV


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